is a Designer and Multidisciplinary Creative.

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My approach to design and visual art focuses on the creation of unique and functional experiences within different spaces. I explore simplicity, trust, honesty, culture, politics, beauty, and daily life through a cross-disciplinary approach based on learning, and honest connection.

Professional Practice –



Designer / Director


Eponymous Design studio used to work on personal and commercial projects.

typically dedicated._


Design Director


is a London-based web and brand design and development studio that creates minimalist and maximalist websites and identities for a range of diverse clients within arts, culture, business, finance and technology.

Ual: Central Saint Martins


Teaching Assistant


A world-renowned arts and design college bringing together a diverse range of creative practices under one roof.

Raw Vision


Editorial, Graphic & Web Designer


Raw Vision was first published in 1989 with the express purpose of bringing the phenomena of Outsider Art to a wide public.



Art Director


Bunker Office is a London-based sustainable craft-based menswear label founded by Max Remondiere. The Label is focused on the direct translation of designing in isolation.



Graphic Designer


Grimshaw Architects is an architectural firm based in London. Founded in 1980 by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, the firm was one of the pioneers of high-tech architecture.

Studio Nede


Designer / Photographer / Art Director


My first design studio used to work commercially whilst studying at Central Saint Martins.

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Adekuver, Aeism agency, Aitch, ANGELO®, Aqua Lixun Su, Art World, BEEN GOOD, Bosconno Kong, Bunker Office, Central Saint Martins, Clemens Klenk, Cult of YA, Cypherloom, Cypherloom, DEPARTMNT, Elda Eldorado., Eldorado, evarisu, Fey Carla Adediji, Gbolade Oludare, Gianni Antonia, Grimshaw Architects, Guy Metter, Iawa, Indiya Tupe, Jae Huh, Jimoh, JohanTheFirst, KAKA, L'official, Laura Barnes, Luca Hamers, Malzo, Max Remondiere, Mentiply Johnson Limited, Minn Lepham, Minn Lepham, Miracle Nwaizu, New Currency, Niall Ashley, Nona The Label, Pear, Peggy Gou, Project Aikido, Raw Vision, Reference Point, SCS, Sergio Tacchini, Simone Noel, The Eden Project, Vision Magazine, Weir&Co, Wiesmann Gmbh, Young Modulus, Zoë Bleu.

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